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The Club with a Difference


The Cadet College Club is the outcome of a long wait, short preparation and bold action by the ex-cadets of 10 cadet colleges. This club has distinct character as an exclusive club for the members who are ex-cadets having common traditions from their early stages of learning and training.


Most of the members are professionals – doctors, engineers, architects, academicians, civil and military officers, social (NGO) workers, consultants, bankers, private and corporate executives, politicians, legal professionals and businessmen. With such mix of membership, the vision of the club is set as follows :


· To develop and provide social, cultural, recreational and entertainment facilities and make the Club a second home for the members and their families.

· To undertake CSR (corporate social responsibility) programmes to mitigate the sufferings of the poor people, especially at times of natural calamities.

· To undertake programmes for setting-up schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, diagnostic centres, etc.

· To undertake projects for setting up financial institutions, etc.


From the inception all missions and the actions of the Club are guided by the above vision. It is hoped that with completion of the permanent complex – the dream project,the Club will be able to contribute further to the society.  Read More

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