Notice Board


The following members of the Club have been elected in the positions as mentioned against each name :

  1. Gp Capt Muhammad Alamgir, acsc (Retd), M/No. 273, President
  2. Md Ishtiaque Zahir (Titas), M/No. 365, Vice-President
  3. TM Shahidul Islam, M/No. 73, Secretary General
  4. H.M.H. Alfi, M/No. 906, Joint Secretary General
  5. Ishtiaque Ahmad, M/No. 1134, Treasurer
  6. Reyad Hasnain, M/No. 730, Member, FCC
  7. Mohammad Nazrul Islam, M/No. 1694, Member, JCC
  8. A H M Mahmudur Rahman, M/No. 1116, Member, MCC
  9. Shadhon Kumar Ray, M/No. 1332, Member, RCC
  10. Khijir Hayat Khan, M/No. 1175, Member, SCC
  11. Quazi Mahabubur Rahman , M/No. 1568, Member, CCR
  12. Mohammad Zakir Hossain, M/No. 1297, Member, BCC
  13. Mohammad Miarul Haque, M/No. 281 , Member, PCC
  14. Chowdhury Rumana Tabassum Beg, M/No. 1845, Member, MGCC
  15. Maj Mahbubul Haider (Retd), M/No. 1198, Member, CCC
  16. Nill , Member, OCC



Upcoming Events

  • CSR Activity of CCCL

    On the occasion of holy Ramadan, Cadet College Club Distributed food package to the employees on 25th May, 2017.

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  • President’s Dinner

    The Grand President's Dinner-2017 of the club was held  on 14th May, 2017  in a festive mood. Mr. Rashed Chowdhury , President hosted the dinner. Members and their Spouse attended.

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  • Pohela Boishakh

    14th Founding Anniversary of CCCL was held in the club with the festivity. Members and there family attended the program.

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  • Annual Mezban

    Annual Mezban of Cadet College Club was held on 7th April, 2017. It was attended by Members, there family and some invited guest.

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