President’s Messege

Dear Members,

It is indeed a privilege to share with you the wonderful feeling of camaraderie as we re-inaugurate the website of Cadet College Club.
The members of the Cadet College Club are the end products of the finest Institutions of the country. We have been educated and trained in an environment of discipline, excel-lence and teamwork to achieve our desired goals through dedication, perseverance, integ-rity and determination. As we continue to climb our personal "ladders of success" both at home and abroad, we must not forget that it is also "payback time" for us to contribute towards the holistic development of our society and country.

Dear Members: I believe whilst we enjoy with our families the various facilities of the club, we should also take the advantage of using Cadet College Club as a platform to per-form our social responsibilities. If you have any suggestions/ proposals, please submit to the Executive Committee for consideration.

Long Live Cadet College Club! Long live the cadet fraternity! "All for one and one for All!"

Yours Sincerely,

Rashed Chowdhury, President